Helix Mattress Review

This mattress may not be as specific to you as your DNA the way that the Helix name implies, but it is a very personalized offering in a sea of one-size-fits-all beds. After just a few questions, you can have a custom mattress that is built for your needs.



Do you know yourself well enough to build the right mattress for you? If you’re not sure, that’s fine, because Helix does most of the work. Based on their research, they try to find the most comfortable mattress specifications for you and they will custom build it.

When you go to their order page, they have a short quiz ready for you. By letting them know some of your basic states—your gender, age, height, weight, desired firmness, and preferred sleeping temperature—they can start designing a mattress that fits your unique wants.

If you have a partner, then they can build a double-sided bed that accommodates both of you for maximum comfort.

After the quiz and a few calculations, they show you the basic properties of your ideal mattress, with detailed explanations. For example, if you are a stomach sleeper or a heavier person, they will mention how they added extra support on the bottom layers.



If you said in the quiz that you get overheated easily at night, then they will build the mattress to be extra cool.

More important than the technology that designs your perfect bed on the website, though, is the technology that actually goes into the mattress. Something that all the Helix beds have in common is a foam top layer that is made of a proprietary blend unique to Helix.

It has special properties that make it superior to other kinds of foam. For example, instead of sinking in and making the sleeper feel stuck—or worse, overheated—it has very good bounce-back, on par with that of a latex mattress. It also cools much better than most foam beds.



Underneath the top layer of foam, there’s another neat trick, which are the rows of coils that help support the sleeper and create a bouncier experience. These are much more comfortable than the coils you might find in a old innerspring mattress. They are tiny, and there are tons of them, so they give you springy support without causing any aches and pains.

Typically, the Helix will also employ a couple of layers of denser polyfoam underneath the first two layers. Of course, the details of this will depend on how your bed turns out after your quiz. Some people need more support, and some less.

When it comes to firmness, your preferences will determine whether the bed is softer or harder, but the bed will never be so soft that it causes sagging or unhealthy dents that could hurt your back.

There is always a base level of support, so that even when you’re sinking slightly into the bed by a plush top layer, your back will always be aligned. This applies whether you’re a stomach sleeper, a side  sleeper, or a back sleeper. This mattress really works with any kind of position because of its unique traits and customization.

Finally, you can sleep on it the first night comfortably because it doesn’t stink and doesn’t need to be aired out. Unlike a lot of low quality foam mattresses, there’s no long period of out-gassing. There’s hardly any chemical smell, even when you first take it out of the box.



Trial Period / Risk Free Guarantee

You can sleep on your new, custom-made Helix for 100 nights and if it’s not what you’ve been looking for, you can send it back for a full refund. According to Helix’s feedback, though, this doesn’t seem like a very common occurrence, and most people are extremely satisfied or even excited with their mattress.

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Manufacturing Quality and Warranty

The Helix is made of good materials that were sourced responsibly in the United States. The mattress itself is also manufactured in the USA. It is durable, hypoallergenic, made of high quality foam, and will last a long time. They offer a 10 year limited warranty with the mattress, which covers manufacturers defects.



Customer Feedback

Many customers love the Helix because it has simply been the best mattress they have owned. This isn’t surprising, considering that it is custom made to suit each customer’s needs.

In particular, people report that the mattress has relieved them of chronic pain, and that the materials support their entire body evenly. Back pain sufferers have also seem improvement with the mattress, and find the firmer versions of the Helix to be helpful.

Customers praise the good bounce on this bed, something hard to find in a memory foam mattress. Of course, many people point to the customization as being the primary draw when it comes to this mattress. It’s more accurate and less awkward than dealing with a salesperson on a sales floor, people say.

The vast majority of customers are not only satisfied with the purchase, but many of them feel that it has changed their sleeping lives forever and that it has made it difficult to go back to conventional mattresses.




Recommend to Family and Friends?

Indeed, the Helix is highly recommended. While the high level of customization is one of its greatest advantages, it is also an overall well-made mattress no matter what. It has a unique foam top layer that is miles ahead of any other memory foam bed.

With the Helix, you don’t have to compromise between the soft comfort of a memory foam bed and the bounciness of a latex or innerspring. Since it is a hybrid bed, it is the best of all worlds.

Helix not only allows you to build your dream bed from scratch, but it will also accommodate two people, which can finally end the struggle between opposite-style sleepers. For anyone who is looking for a great bed that is designed around carefully researched principles, the Helix is a great choice.