Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review

The Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is solid, well-built, and direct from an in-house factory. There’s a lot to love about Brooklyn’s contribution to the “mattress in a box” online phenomenon, but will it live up to the #bestmattressever claims that they make on their own website? If their customer base is to be believed, then their cheeky hashtag campaign might not be so much of an exaggeration.



The most important thing to know about the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is that it was carefully built using a combination of a few different technologies. The mattress contains three layers—two which are latex, and one which is dense polyfoam underneath.

The first layer is Talalay latex, which means it was subjected to a special molding process that makes the latex more uniform and stable. It gives the mattress its tightness and “bounce.”

This top layer is a bit less firm than the Dunlop latex layer underneath, which offers a lot of support as it is a bit more dense. The densest layer of all, though, is the thick layer of foam underneath. It acts as the supporting layer, and will keep your back aligned regardless of your sleep position.



Because of the way it is built, the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is both firm, but also springy. It has a good amount of “give,” in spite of being on the firmer side. The pillow-top cover adds an extra dimension of comfort and softness, though.

The two top latex layers are 100% natural and customers report that the mattress doesn’t give off any strange chemical smells. There is little to no out-gassing when you first pull it out of the box, which is nice because it means that you can use the mattress as soon as it has regained its shape and you don’t have to wait until any noxious fumes dissipate.

There are three different firmness levels to choose from. The “soft” level is considered a 4/10 in terms of firmness, and is ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers. The “medium” level is considered a 6/10, and works for any kind of sleeper, according to Brooklyn. Finally, the “firm” level is quite hard and will work best with back sleepers and stomach sleepers.

In spite of the different firmness levels, this mattress runs very firm and some people may find that even the “soft” level of firmness is hard enough.

This is good in a way because it means that the mattress is dense and supportive, which can work wonders for someone who has back problems. The dense material also makes the mattress very sturdy and you’ll notice that it doesn’t sag.

When it comes to temperature issues, the mattress sleeps cool most of the time thanks to the naturally heat-dissipating properties of the latex. Besides, it’s very firm, so it won’t cradle you like other mattresses, which makes heat retention less of an issue anyway. You can buy pillows and sheets from the company, too, and these are also very breathable and have moisture wicking properties. All in all, if you tend to sweat buckets at night, this would be a great mattress to get.


Trial Period / Guarantee

Brooklyn might make some lofty claims about their mattress, but they do back it up with a trial of 120 nights and a 100% money-back guarantee. You don’t have to pay any shipping when you buy the mattress, so there’s no return shipping, either. It really is risk-free.


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Manufacturing Quality / Warranty

If you’re looking for a mattress company that’s been in the game for awhile and knows what they’re doing, Brooklyn certainly fits that description.

They’ve been selling mattresses for decades, and the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress is the culmination of all of their observations and experience with what people really want in a mattress. In spite of that, it is also a very modern mattress built with modern technology for a online customer base.

In terms of value for the price, it doesn’t get much better than this. Most latex mattresses are much more expensive, but Brooklyn can keep prices low because they own and operate their own factory and don’t outsource the manufacturing. The mattresses are made in the USA with sustainable materials. They back up their mattress with a 10 year warranty as well.


Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is largely positive for the Brooklyn Bedding Mattress. Some people with chronic pain feel like it has given them a much better quality of life. Even people who have had to go through several mattresses on the market report that the Brooklyn is one of the best that they’ve tried.

In particular, this mattress works well with people who have trouble finding a mattress that is firm and supportive enough. Those with lower back pain or other ailments that make it hard to tolerate a sagging mattress find the Brooklyn ideal. It has great support at every firmness level.

Some people really like the pillows and sheets that you can buy with the mattress as well. Customers find the sheets cool and silky. They are a great addition if you feel that you often wake up at night too hot.



Recommend to Family and Friends?

This mattress has our highest recommendations. Not only is it extremely supportive with no pressure points, but it also allows you to customize your level of firmness, which we feel is very important; only you really know what you will find comfortable.

It has a great reputation with customers of all kinds, especially those looking for a dense, solid mattress. It sleeps nice and cool, feels natural and doesn’t give off a chemical smell, and has a great springiness to it that you normally only see with a coil mattress.

Compared to most other latex mattresses, it’s also a huge value. The customer service is top notch, and their 120 night trial certainly sweetens the deal.

If you or someone you know is looking for a high quality latex mattress, this is certainly the best choice in the price range.